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El Rostro de Analía is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the American-based television network Telemundo. It stars Elizabeth Gutiérrez, Martin Karpan, Maritza Rodríguez and Gabriel Porras, with the special appearance of Gaby Espino.

Title:The Face of Analia
First Air Date:Oct 20, 2008
Last Air Date:Oct 20, 2008
Number of Episodes:1
Number of Seasons:1
Genres:Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama
Casts:Jacqueline Márquez, Karla Monroig, Gabriel Porras, Flavio Caballero, Alejandro Chabán, Martín Karpan, Maritza Rodríguez, Elizabeth Gutiérrez, Ximena Duque, Gaby Espino, Zully Montero

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