My Babushka: Searching Ukrainian Identities

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Watch My Babushka: Searching Ukrainian Identities (2001) : Full Movie Online Free This video documentary centers on the questions of civil liberties and cultural differences in a society beginning to open as one woman searches for her own ethnic roots, identity and family history in Ukraine. Issues of human rights, anti-Semitism, homophobia, feminism and a divided and economically-depressed country are encountered as Barbara Hammer, a feminist activist and pioneer of lesbian cinema, return to a “homeland” full of struggling as people search for a new post-glasnost identity.

Release Date:Jan 01, 2001
Casts:Barbara Hammer, Vera Berdashevich, Vadim Bezprozvany, Greesha Felanovsky, Alexander Ficinko, Natalia Filonenko
Plot Keywords:grandparent grandchild relationship, ukraine, feminism, grandmother, woman director, ukrainian village

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