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Watch Seine Hoheit – Genosse Prinz (1969) : Full Movie Online Free Kasper Mai, an export merchant and comrade with a “clean” record, discovers he is the prince of Hohenlohe-Liebenstein. His royal grandmother designates him as the heir to her estate. A private trip to her reveals that she does not want a NATO airbase built on her land. The GDR and his grandmother thus find a common interest, and a clever lawyer from the East works against other family members looking to settle their debts with the estate money.

Release Date:Aug 15, 1969
Casts:Rolf Ludwig, Regina Beyer, Jutta Wachowiak, Rolf Herricht, Ursula Werner, Ilse Voigt, Mathilde Danegger, Fredy Barten, Paul Berndt, Werner Pfeifer, Klaus Piontek
Plot Keywords:nobility

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