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Watch Some Other Stories (2010) : Full Movie Online Free The film is a high-concept project with five stories exploring the themes of motherhood and pregnancy, directed by women filmmakers from five former Yugoslav republics. “Croatian Story” follows an anguished painter who must decide whether or not to keep one of her unborn twins, diagnosed with Down syndrome. “Serbian Story” finds an expectant mother in the same emergency room with a charming killer. “Bosnia-Herzegovina Story” centers on a financially strapped Sarajevo family whose son?s lover is pregnant. “Macedonian Story” unfolds in a clinic where a drug addict struggles to keep her baby, and “Slovenian Story” ends the omnibus on a humorous note with a nun who finds her own way to immaculate conception.

Release Date:Jul 18, 2010
Casts:Nera Stipičević, Goran Bogdan, Nataša Ninković, Sergej Trifunović, Feđa Štukan, Nina Violić, Iva Zendelska, Slaviša Kajevski, Lucija Serbedzija, Marko Mandič, Mirela Brekalo
Plot Keywords:pregnancy, anthology, omnibus, woman director

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